Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrity Closets

We all wondered what its like to be a celebrity and to go on a mad shopping spree whenever you like with whatever you want. Of course when it comes to being rich & famous from their talents to family royalties of Hollywood from the big screen to the music world it comes with perks. Celebs are known to walk around with the newest and hottest luxury products before it hits the stores. They are always out and about with designer digs whether its at red carpet or just having some quality time to themselves. Let's take a look at Hollywood closets of the Kardashian sisters, Christina Aguilera, Paula Abdul, Miley Cyrus, Fergie, Rachael Zoe, Nicole Richie and more.

                                    It looks like Kim is comfortable & relax with her dream closet.


                           As you can see everything in Kim's closet is organize from faric to color.

                          Kourtney is ready to step out with her many fashionable designer clothes.

Paula Abdul seems comfortable in her closet surrounded by luxury items.

                          The queen of styling celebrities Rachael Zoe does a little styling of her own.

     Nicole Richie seems like she's doing just fine in dressing herself without Rachael Zoe by her side.

        Kimora Lee Simmons knows all about fashion herself besides she is a supermodel you know.

The beautiful songstress had no problem showing off her master closet to us.

The Desperate Housewives star has nothing to hide with all her beauties such as Tiffany's and more other designer items.


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  2. I love seeing other peoples closets (I love to organize) but wow! These are some closets

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  3. I want to have a closet like those ones.. so lovely.. nice post hon..
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  4. Wow, celebrities´ closets are so amazing! Wish I had one like these :D

  5. AAAHhhI want a similar one for me!! wISH i have enough space at my house :(!


  6. oooh wow such a great post!!

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  7. Have you seen Lisa Vanderpump's closet?? It's amaaaazing! I have total closet envy. haha

  8. What can I say!! Dream closets!!! I like Rachel's Zoe more!
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